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Keeping sexual harassment out of the workplace

Sexual harassment can affect anyone in the workplace, however lone workers may, by the very nature of being alone, be more at risk from both an incident occurring in the first place and the impact that an incident can have (physically and psychologically). George Stavrinidis is Chief Executive Officer of Lone Worker Solutions and he…

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The Business Benefits of Safe and Happy Lone Workers

Rather than purely concentrating on the risks to lone workers, we feel it is important to recognise (and reap) the business benefits of safe and happy lone workers. This article from Mathew Colley, Sales & Marketing Manager, at LONEALERT extols some of the benefits of addressing the risks in a positive way… Safe and Happy…

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Challenges of Implementing Lone Worker Safety Solutions

Workers engagement

Many organisations today, utilise lone worker safety solutions in the form of devices or apps to help them support and keep in touch with their lone workers.  These can be especially useful when workers are out and about in the community, travelling or visiting clients. But sometimes implementing these systems can be challenging for organisations…

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Mobile Devices: a risk to mobile workers?

musculoskeletal risks of mobile devices

After 25 years in this job, I thought I had a good understanding of the key risks that are faced by lone workers. Violence, aggression, medical emergencies, harassment, falls, stress, isolation… Then I was introduced to Ed Milnes and in a quick five-minute conversation he gave me something else to think about – a risk…

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Travelling alone brings additional risks for workers: so who is ensuring their safety overseas?

Whatever the job role in whatever industry, lone working presents its own particular risks. But when overseas travel or trips to unfamiliar locations are thrown into the mix, the list of potential hazards skyrockets. Political instability, terrorism and kidnap threats, language barriers, jet lag and the increased potential of being targeted by criminals attracted to…

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A day in the life of a lone worker…

What does a day the in the life of a lone worker look like exactly? Well how long have you got for us to explain? The challenge is there is no such thing as a typical lone worker. They may be someone working totally alone, travelling out and about in the community, they may be…

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Article on Lone Workers in IOSH Magazine

Nicole Vazquez and Christine Morrison co-authored this article on Lone Workers for the IOSH magazine on 28th August 2019. We thought it was so useful we would share… Out of sight is not out of mind Organisations that do not educate managers on the potential hazards, legal responsibilities and business benefits of effectively managing the…

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Simple but effective lone working controls

Sometimes managing lone working risks can seems very complicated and onerous. When it comes to managing lone working risks sometimes simple is better. Peoplesafe, one of our new exhibitors this year, have provided a series of quick and easy tips to consider when lone working. Here are some of their ideas for simple ‘Do’s and…

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Identify your lone workers – not as easy as it sounds!

Sometimes businesses find it hard to identify all of their lone workers, and it is no surprise as this may not be as easy as it sounds. But, failing to identify staff that work alone can have an impact on how the risks associated with lone working are managed and ultimately the safety, security and wellbeing of staff.

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