Lone Worker Safety Expo

Another Successful LWSE Event!

Safety, Security and Wellbeing: All key issues for lone workers This year’s Lone Worker Safety Expo conference was held at the historic King’s Fund building in Central London. Kristen Gasser was there to join in the day’s activities. The 2019 Lone Worker Safety Conference opened this year with our host Nicole Vazquez canvassing the audience…

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Travelling alone brings additional risks for workers: so who is ensuring their safety overseas?

Whatever the job role in whatever industry, lone working presents its own particular risks. But when overseas travel or trips to unfamiliar locations are thrown into the mix, the list of potential hazards skyrockets. Political instability, terrorism and kidnap threats, language barriers, jet lag and the increased potential of being targeted by criminals attracted to…

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Identify your lone workers – not as easy as it sounds!

Sometimes businesses find it hard to identify all of their lone workers, and it is no surprise as this may not be as easy as it sounds. But, failing to identify staff that work alone can have an impact on how the risks associated with lone working are managed and ultimately the safety, security and wellbeing of staff.

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Managing Mental Wellbeing of Lone Workers

One of the three strands that we are focusing on this year at the Lone Worker Safety Expo Conference is ‘wellbeing’.  For lone workers there are specific issues around being isolated from other colleagues and the stresses and potential mental health problems that this may create. Duncan Spencer, Head of Advice & Practice for IOSH…

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Our Host speaks to Lone Alert

Example fo the video link

Although she was busy running the Lone Worker Theatre at the Health and Safety Event at the NEC in April, Nicole Vazquez Director of Worthwhile Training and our host for October 15th, still found time to have a quick chat with the guys from Lone Alert. Asked about her thoughts on the legislation surrounding lone…

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NEC Health and Safety Event

The LWSE Conference Team have just spent a fantastic three days hosting the Lone Worker Theatre at The Health and Safety Event at the NEC. With the vast majority of sessions ‘full and standing’ and audiences asking some great questions. We couldn’t be happier! Expert speakers at this years Lone Worker Theatre covered topics including;…

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