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Connexion2 Lone Worker Safety
Reliance Protect
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PPSS Lone Worker Safety



Connexion2 is dedicated to improving the safety and productivity of lone workers worldwide. The company manufacturers the market-leading, ACPO - approved lone worker device Identicom.

Identicom is a discreetly-styled Identity badge which contains mobile phone technology to help lone workers in the event of verbal abuse or attack. Its core function allows a worker to activate a 'Red Alert' by pressing a button on the back of the device if a worker is at risk of verbal abuse or attack. It can also provide two way audio*  GPS* tracking, and can capture images*.

Identicom, which has BS 8484 accreditation as part of the SoloProtect solution, has a sensor* which can detect and monitor a 'Man Down' situation if a lone worker slips, trips or falls.

Through SoloProtect, the device comes with training, in-house customer service, network fees and monthly reporting.

This year the company will be launching the world's first ever 3G lone worker solution- the Identicom 9 series. The Identicom 977 and 977c models will allow greater connectivity in areas where 3G is more widespread. The 977c series can also use live video streaming directly into an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) in the event of a genuine 'Red Alert' emergency situation.

The company also supply Identicom mobile, a lone worker smartphone application for use on Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

PPSS Group

UK based PPSS Group is entirely dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of equipment/clothing, offering protection from firearms, edged weapons, hypodermic needles, blunt trauma and human bites.

With more than 35 years of combined frontline experience in high risk security operations in some of the most hostile environments, we at PPSS Group genuinely believe in innovative protective clothing and equipment as an effective approach to reduce the risk of workplace violence related injuries and even the loss of life.

Reliance Protect

Reliance Protect is the UK's most widely adopted and leading lone worker protection solution. Protecting some 50,000 lone workers from hundreds of organisations, Reliance Protect safeguards staff potentially exposed to harassment, intimidation or violence in the course of their working day. By listening to and capturing, everything that takes place during the incident, our trained monitoring staff can respond appropriately - including calling out the emergency services, alerting colleagues/supervisors and archiving recordings as evidence for any legal action.

Reliance Protect offers a range of devices and smartphone applications suitable for a variety of working practices and environments. 

The Reliance Protect solution, using the latest models in our range of devices such as the new Identicom™ Series 8, starts at just £7.89 per month.  There are no hidden extras or fees such as additional airtime or refresher training, our all-inclusive solution comprises:

  • BS8484 compliant device or smartphone application.
  • Mobile network connection and all airtime.
  • 24/7/365 manned monitoring.
  • Face-to-face user training.
  • Support package and 24/7 helpdesk
  • Management and implementation support.
  • Customer management information system via web portal.
  • Management reports monthly, weekly, or ad hoc.
Reliance Protect is the preferred NHS lone worker protection solution. Any public sector organisation purchasing within the Reliance Protect NHS Framework Agreement saves the time and costs associated with buying security products. It offers a trusted package of services that has already been competitively tendered according to EU guidelines.


As Europe's premier personal safety service, Skyguard offers an exclusive range of discreet lone worker safety devices and mobile phone apps connected to our 24/7 Incident Management Centre and certified to the highest industry standards; BS 8484, BS 5979 (Category II), ISO 9001 and ACPO's Secured by Design.

As the UK's only wholly owned end-to-end provider, Skyguard's portfolio of dedicated devices includes features such as GPS, 2-way voice, Mandown and on-demand tracking. We've developed Europe's smallest and lightest GPS alarm - MySOS, which can be worn as an ID card holder, pendant, or attached to a belt or keyring.

Voice Connect

Voice Connect Ltd is a market leader in lone working solutions, simple telecare provision & IVR database integrations with over 1000 clients across the UK.
Voice Connect have successfully deployed solutions across all market sectors and have specialist products for the NHS, Care Sector, Schools, Housing Associations, Charities and the Police.

Products include:

  • Telecarer - Telehealth solutions
  • VC LoneWorker - lone working solution for organisations of any size.
  • Patient Partner - 24/7 automated telephone booking.
  • Medical Messenger - Enhanced texting services including confirmation and reminders.
  • VC SmartMail - Low cost letter mailing services.
  • VC Payment Portal - Credit Card payment solutions.