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Blackline Safety is a global leader in safety monitoring servicing over 200 countries with millions invested into safety monitoring research and development. Our systems provide employee location awareness through multiple interfaces, meeting the most challenging needs of organizations in every industry. With years of industry-leading expertise, we have the capability to empower a diverse spectrum of organizations with our dynamic connected safety solutions. All of our products are designed, manufactured and tested in Canada.

Our technology can make the difference during an incident involving an injury, a health event, or physical assault, empowering an immediate emergency response to the worker's precise location. Response time is measured in minutes which can be the difference between rescue and recovery.



Bold Communications supports organisations seeking to provide effective protection for their staff and compliance with increasingly punitive health and safety legislation. The total system design is based around effectiveness, flexibility, speed of response and technology innovation.

Because Gemini is an open platform solution, complete flexibility is supported in the choice of lone worker device or app to meet the specific needs of the user, all backed up by Bold's 30 years' experience in the monitoring sector.

Widely used in over 130 commercial alarm receiving centres and private control rooms in the UK for lone worker and other monitoring disciplines, Bold Gemini is a proven, field tested and well-supported solution.



Guardian24 is widely considered to be the UK and Ireland's market leader for lone worker protection and holds the accolade as the industry winner of the IFSEC 2013 Awards, and Security Excellence 2015 Awards. Our lone worker solutions, accredited to BS 8484 and Secured by Design, can be used via mobile phone, smartphone, or specialist Lone Worker Device. 

Over 500 public and private sector organisations use Guardian24 and the service protects over 40,000 individual employees, throughout the UK and Ireland. Our customers include Councils, NHS Trusts, Housing Associations, utilities, charities and construction companies, to name just a few.


As a pioneer of wireless messaging, Multitone Electronics plc is a specialist developer of integrated communication systems for on-site or global usage. The organisation; which is best known for its supply of critical communications, continues to explore and develop reliable communications and controls, whilst offering robust, targeted systems that effectively and reliably integrate with customers' existing systems and technologies.

Our product offering combines the best in wireless telephony, radio-paging systems and personal security systems with professional services and tailored software to create a truly cohesive communication platform.

Multitone is an organisation that prides itself on delivering customer's robust and comprehensive communication systems developed to meeting their exacting needs. Irrespective of the industry communication simply needs to work, if it doesn't your general working lives are more complex and less precise. By being more aware of how all your voice, messaging, monitoring and alarms can work together, you can be more aware of your organisation.


Peoplesafe are one of the leading providers of lone worker services in the United Kingdom. With a strong commitment to service and client experience, the Peoplesafe service can protect workers whatever their lone working task.

They specialise in providing solutions for both organisations and individual lone workers. Unlike many lone worker companies, Peoplesafe operate independently of any device manufacturer, selecting proposed solutions based on the needs of each individual lone worker. 

Skyguard Group

Skyguard - Europe's premier personal safety service, offers an exclusive range of discreet lone worker safety devices and mobile phone apps connected to our 24/7 Incident Management Centre, certified to the highest industry standards; BS 8484, BS 5979 (Category II), ISO 9001 and Secured by Design. 

As the UK's only wholly owned end-to-end provider, Skyguard's portfolio of dedicated devices includes features such as GPS, 2-way voice, Mandown and on-demand tracking. We've developed Europe's smallest and lightest GPS alarm - MySOS, which can be worn as an ID card holder, pendant, or attached to a belt or keyring.


Sonin are a UK app development agency specialising mobile technology. Since 2009 we have been helping businesses utilise the latest technology by developing bespoke consumer and enterprise solutions. Our team of expert UI/UX app designers, experienced strategists, iOS and Android developers work in unison to build innovative apps that combine great user experience with a secure, robust and scalable platform. Whether your business goal is to improve employee productivity, engage your distributed workforce, streamline processes or generate revenue, we can help you transform your business.


StaySafe is a smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring service which provides personal protection for lone workers. The app monitors employee location in real time via satellite or cellular signal, enabling employees to check-in safely and request immediate assistance if necessary. 

The app has been designed for a simple user experience which means it is quick, easy to use, and fits effortlessly into the working day. The flexibility of the solution and wide range of features, means StaySafe is suitable for use across any industry - allowing you to better meet your duty of care to your lone working staff.

Vital ID


"Worker EMERGENCY ID" products allow workers to carry their critical and potentially lifesaving ID. They provide paramedics or first-responders with the workers' critical lifesaving medical information & personal contacts, essential in an emergency.


Worthwhile Training

Worthwhile Training specialises in delivering bespoke, innovative and effective training and consultancy. Our strong team consists of highly skilled individuals with many years of experience in a range of disciplines including, risk management, personal safety and conflict management.

Our well-respected training is interactive and learner centred. We use techniques that enhance learning and encourage retention focussing on what your staff will be able to 'do' after the training. We do not offer off the shelf packages, as we know we can add greater value by tailoring to meet your specific needs.

Talk to us if you require:

  • Help with Lone Worker risk management
  • One-to-one support, group training or organisation wide interventions
  • Awareness raising workshops
  • Forum Theatre workshops (using skilled actors and facilitators)
  • Support with developing and delivering in-house training
  • A cost effective solution

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