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Are You Searching For the 'Right' Lone Worker Alarms? 

Our highly informative annual LONE WORKER SAFETY 2017 Conference & Exhibition will once again highlight the effectiveness of good quality lone worker alarms and lone worker devices. 

Experts and exhibitors who have developed some of the world's leading lone worker alarms will be present and more than happy to advise you, so you end up with the most appropriate, effective and best possible lone worker alarms that offer you the correct service you require for your specific operational risks, threats and duties. 

A number of lone worker alarms will contact the chosen contacts with an alarm message and also giving the exact GPS location of the lone worker at risk. All models should offer you full nationwide lone worker alarms coverage with exact location using GPS coordinates. 

Please make sure the device you are currently considering has been tested against and complies with British Standard 8484:2209 and any other recent standard. 

Your lone worker alarm choice should be small, discreet and light weight and allow you to call for help without making you look aggressive, confrontational or threatening to the person you are facing. 

Who can benefit from lone worker alarms and devices? 

 Lone worker alarms have now become a critical part of many local authorities, NHS trusts, utility field representatives, social care workers, public transport professionals, private security professionals and many other frontline professionals. 

We would like to assure you that our LONE WORKER SAFETY Expo is a truly superb opportunity to get in front renowned experts and ask them technical questions and receive the guidance you need to make the best possible decision. 

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Please do not hesitate if you wish to receive further information. We are here to help, so please feel free and email info@loneworkersafetyexpo.com or call 0845 5193 953.

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